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My entire life, I have lived with self-consciousness,​ and​ insecurities about myself​. Mostly because I am Italian, and the hair that grows on my face and body is thick and dark.

Since the age of about 12, or 13, I have had a five o'clock shadow on my legs by the time half the day goes by, a happy trail on my stomach that I have been shaving/waxing, weird "whiskers" that come in on random places of my chin that I pluck when they get stubbly and noticeable and I have religiously waxed my lip hair without avail. I had tried it all and I was looking for something permanent.

I started treatments in October 2013. The first couple weeks were tough to adjust to. A month and a half to two months in, I started noticing the hairs growing back weren't as dark.

I wish I could put into words how grateful I am that there is something beneficial that gives long term satisfaction. I haven't waxed, plucked, or anything since springtime. My belly is almost complete. The hairs on my lips are light in color and not noticeable. It has almost been a year. I am ecstatic. My confidence is higher than it has ever been. I'm starting to feel normal. I'm not wasting my time plucking and waxing and self loathing over this ridiculous hair all over my body. It's going away, and it's amazing.

I look forward to my visits, all of the time. They have the openings and availability that work for me. It's like I'm going into therapy sessions- haha- every time I arrive, we chit chat about life and girl gossip and it's awesome. I have grown to know and love this office, and Alisha, I truly thank you for helping me!

It has made a world of a difference, and continues to take away the stress of such an embarrassing issue. This is one of the best self-indulging decisions I have ever made for myself- and I recommend to all females who deal with insecurity issues over their personal hair growth. I hope Deb Cassin’s office continues to flourish.

— A.M. North Chelmsford


I have had laser on my face to get rid of a few chin hairs I had and it backfired and caused me to grow more hairs on my face. It got to a point where I was having to wax every week. I went to see a dermatologist at Mass General because they are the ones that invented laser for darker skin tones. The doctor there had suggested electrolysis.

​ ​

I was desperate to get rid of the hair and so I searched around and found DCE. Alisha did my electrolysis treatment the first day and she was so professional and fast. I was seeing someone else before Alisha and after my first appointment with her I decided to stop going to the other place. The office is very clean and Alisha is very good at what she does.

​ ​

I had started with two hours a week (yes my hair problem was that bad). It was a lot of time to spend on a table but Alisha makes it fly by with her easy conversations. I couldn't be happier with my results. After a couple of months, I am now down to once a week and no longer feel uncomfortable while talking to others. I cannot believe how far the treatments have come. Most of the thick hairs are gone and the thinner hairs have gone down a lot in number. This has been the best thing I could have ever done for myself.


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